Family Counselling

I believe that families are complex and incredibly unique units that deserve a special appreciation. I have dedicated the past 14 years to supporting families, birth families, kin families, foster families and adoptive families throughout their journeys.

These families have experienced various challenges such as: family break up, children and youth family integration, stressors impacting the family unit, parent-child relationship difficulties as well as trauma and attachment. I understand the impact that trauma can have on the individual, their behaviour and their relationship with others. This can have significant impacts on the functioning family unit.

Adoption related counselling

I have the privilege of working alongside birth parents, adoptive parents and children / youth throughout their complex adoption journey. I have witnessed how emotionally charged the process of adoption can be for those involved and understand key aspects that are critical for supporting an adoption or permanency for a child and/or youth.

As caregivers and children / youth move through the process of adoption or permanency, it is so important for me to be able to hold space with the caregivers, as well as the child, for issues related to loss, grief and separation. Developing a solid understanding of how past traumatic events have impacted the child/youth’s functioning and the impact on attachment is also explored, while exploring connections between the child / youth’s birth family is also examined. I am also knowledgeable about the Ontario court process pertaining to adoption applications.

My standard rate is $150 per session (1 hour) for family sessions. I currently accept e-transfer payments and can direct-bill insurance benefits providers such as Green Shield. Invoices will be provided upon completion of the appointment.

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